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We know higher education in India or any other country is not easy to get. Either students have to beat others in the competitive exams or pay a good amount of money to get the proper education.

Here in this article, you will learn whether it is it is better to give college donations or extra moneAdmission admission to institutes for higher education.

I have collected multiple information on this topic from various social media platforms and asked personally to several people on social forums.

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Is it legal to give a donation for college admission?

As per the law is entirely illegal to give college donation admission to any educational or research institute in some states. Any institute can only ask to pay the tuition fees rather than that you don’t have to pay the fees.

Remember any public or government university will not ask you for donation Admission and the only way to get inside such an institution is based on merit.

But that’s not the case with private colleges and universities as they do not get money from the government they can ask for money from students in the name of fees.

Who can give donations for admission in college?

Most students who don’t secure a good rank in competitive exams or have secured fewer marks in their higher secondary school certificate(12th) Admissiont admission to top colleges.

Due to this reason, most students take admission to private colleges by giving donations or extra money.

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Regular admission vs Admission thru donations.

Regular Admission Admission thru donations
TheAdmissionof admission takes time.Thru giving donations student get instant admission.
Students have to prepare for competitive exams and fight against millions of students.Students only have to sit in exams mostly taken by private institutes.
Stududent get admission to government and private colleges.Stududent get admission to private colleges thru giving donations.
Students have to get high marks according to categoryStudents have to sit in exams or have to get the lowest qualifying marks.
Difference RegAdmissionssion vs Admission thru donations

Management quota admission.

As per the government rules, 85% of the seats are reserved for students on a merit basis. These students get the best colleges as per their secured ranks.

On the other hand, 15% of the seats are reserved under management and NRI quota in which Admissionget direct admission by paying 3x – 10x fees than the actual fees set by the government.

NRI quota admission.

NRI(Non-Resident Indians) quotas are for those students who live in overseas countries for work or study purposes. This quota is similar to the management quota but rarely NRI students take admission in this.

Do students get loans for college donations?

First of all you should know that donations are taken from students to get them back door entry to any college.

This is not legal but still people do it from both the sides and don’t be amaze that’s not only in India but if you want to get admission in any foreign country you must pay the price.

So students have to give donations fully means if you want to get a top collage in India at least you have to 8-10 lakhs to college if you have low academics marks.

And for doing this students cannot get loan as loan are only sectioned to students for paying tuition fees.

Problems faced by students who get admission thru donations.

  • Students those who get into college thru donations and have low acadamic background can also get low marks in college.
  • Students have who come from coresspondence education background have to study and take part many academics events in college. This may be problematic for those who have stage fright and social anxiety.
  • Students those who have financial problems and have taken admission thru giving donations have pressure or stress of getting good marks.
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