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Once you are selected as a Chegg expert, you tend to start getting questions and move ahead to solve those on this platform. But one thing that most people ignore is that they don’t join the community such as Chegg WhatsApp Groups And Facebook Groups

So in this post, I will tell you the benefits of joining Chegg WhatsApp groups And Facebook groups. And what things you need to do to join these groups and how they will help you all earn money.

So let’s begin…

Why you should join chegg whatsapp groups and facebook groups?

The main motive should be to seek help and help others in these groups. I will tell you why you should join the groups on both social media platforms. Let’s first talk about WhatsApp.

Chegg whatsapp group advantages.

If you Chegg Whatsapp groups, you can have the following advantages such as:

  • It Provides phone numbers of other chegg experts and admins.
  • Help experts to dicuss about the questions if they have any doubt.
  • Let you know the updates about the chegg.
  • Let’s experts know who did best in a perticular month.
  • You can know question volume of a perticular day provided by admins.

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Things you should not do in chegg whattsapp groups.

Admins can kick you out if you do this certain thing in these groups.

  • Never be rude or abuse other experts.
  • Don’t misuse the phonenumbers.
  • You should not share links of youtube channels and websites.

Chegg facebook group advantages.

Due to the limit in WhatsApp groups, it can only handle up to 257 members per group, but there are no such restrictions in Facebook groups. Also, if you have any queries, they will be answered much more quickly.

  • You can ask doubts.
  • Share pictures about chegg questions and answers.
  • Ask doubts to other memebers and experts.
  • Know daily questions volume.

Also, the same WhatsApp group rules apply to Facebook groups.

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How you can join Chegg WhatsApp Groups And Facebook Groups?

The moment you receive your activation link thru e-mail on chegg. Within one week or few days, you will be automatically added to a WhatsApp group.

But a few of my friends are facing the problem that they were not added to the chegg Whatsapp group after one month.

So for that, you can request manually to chegg India’s official website to make them add your chegg WhatsApp groups.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to join the chegg WhatsApp group.

  • Go to chegg india support website using this link .
  • In the option “Query Category” choose the option given in the image.
  • The fill up your details and in the discription section write your phone number that you want to be added.

Make sure to give the correct e-mail ID that you have submitted to the chegg India website otherwise;, they will not add you to the group.

You will be added within 2-3 days in a what group of your respective subject.

How to add yourself to chegg India Facebook group.

To add yourself to Chegg’s official Facebook group, your can e-mail this address with your registered e-mail on chegg.

E-mail – [email protected] 

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Is there any number to join chegg whatsapp group?

As there are thousands of experts on the chegg, there is no possibility that someone will share a number or group link to the chegg WhatsApp group.

Also, there are multiple groups for one subject. For example:- my friends and I are both chemistry experts, and both of us are added in different groups. I am added in “chemistry -37,” and he is added in “chemistry -42”.

This happens because WhatsApp has a limit to only 257 people in one particular group.

A person or expert is only added to a group after the verification by the chegg co-ordinator they check certain things like.

  • Your registered mail address.
  • Registered mobile number.
  • And choice of your subject and then only you are added to a group.

Chegg Official facebook groups of various subjects.

Here is the list of Facebook chegg experts groups that you can join.

I did my search and found as many groups as I can. You can join your respective subject group by clicking the links below in the table.

Subject nameFacebook group link
Mechanical EngineeringJoin group
ChemistryJoin group
BiologyJoin group
Electrical EngineeringJoin group
Chegg Advanced MathJoin group
Civil EngineeringJoin group
EconomicsJoin group
Chemical EngineeringJoin group
AccountingJoin group
Basic MathsJoin group
FinanceJoin group
PsychologyJoin group
Cheggindia Facebook group links

Please note that all these groups are private ones, so that they will ask you for your registered e-mail, and then after submitting it, you will get access to share and access the post on these groups.

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