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If you have recently joined or thinking of joining as a Chegg expert, you may be thinking about what is Chegg Experts Earnings and how much one can earn in a month. Well, earnings from Chegg depend on many factors, so to help you out, I have shared my taught in this article as a Chegg expert.

On average, a Chegg expert earns about a minimum of 10k – 14 k rupees per month by solving 3-5 questions daily. Chegg expert’s earnings are based on several factors such as the number of questions solved, type of subjects, price of solving per question, and work hours and bonuses.

What are the factors that decide Chegg Experts Earnings?

There are list of factors that decides your earnings in the Chegg. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

Type of subject

Type of subject matters a lot for Chegg experts. The payments or earnings in Chegg is based on rate per answer and subjects.

Experts those who choose subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, basic math’s they get between 75 -100 Rs per question.

And those experts who choose subjects which require higher educational degrees they can earn between 100 – 180 Rs per answer.

On general there are total of 22 subjects divided in 6 categories on Chegg that you can apply.

Knowledge about subject

Knowledge is power and if you have this power you can earn money. Yes, if you have great command over any subject you can earn a good amount of money from Chegg.

On an average day there are 100-200 question comes per day in Chegg if you answer about 10-20% percent of them you can earn a good amount of money.

During the initial start as Chegg expert you may feel that you may forgotten some of the topics mostly this happens if you are doing any other job or left studies long ago.

But don’t worry as time passes your efficiency of solving question will increase as you may recall things you have studied in the past.

Quality of answers

Answer provided by the Chegg experts is checked by the team of Chegg coordinators each month. So if they find any incorrectness or answers that are not up to their guidelines they may cut your payments.

Quality of answers depends of factors such as:-

  • Correctness of answer.
  • Non-plagiarized content.
  • Answers given with explanation.
  • Number of errors made while writing answers.
  • Formatting of answers.


Most of the people who use Chegg are from the western countries due to that there’s a huge time difference among the expert and students.

Due to having a majority of subscribers are from the USA there’s a 9-10 hours of gap in Indian timing.

So if you want to give answers on Chegg the best time is between 1.00 am to 7.00 am in the morning according to Indian timing. Because this is the time where people in the USA are at school or college.


Chegg also provide bonus money when expert write or submit answers in peak hours which 1.00 am to 7.00 am. Also during some festival they may provide some addition bonuses to experts.

Type of platform

Currently there are two platform on Chegg that one can make money from.

  • Chegg QNA expert – In this, you will get single or multiple questions, and you will have to solve that in less than 2 hours of time duration. Answers can be submitted in text or written format by making its image file.
  • Chegg textbook solution expert – In this, you will have to solve question from text books and write them in Ms word in the form of documents. The earning in this depends on the number of question solved b you.

Proof of earnings

As I mentioned, there are 22 subjects on Chegg, but I can only get 5 subjects earning proof as per my research. But I am sure this much data is enough for you to join Chegg India. Also, this gives surety that people are getting paid from Chegg.

I can tell you this with 100% surety because the first earning proof of biology in the above image is one of my friends and he earned around 2300 Rs in his first month.

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Answer per rate subject-wise (Chegg Subjects Price List).


  • Accounting – 100 Above
  • Economics – 149
  • Finance – 100 Above
  • Operations Management – 100 Above


  • Chemical Engineering – 168
  • Civil Engineering – 168
  • Computer Science Engineering – 189
  • Electrical Engineering – 168
  • Mechanical Engineering – 168


  • Advanced Physics – 168
  • Biology – 87
  • Chemistry – 97
  • Physics – 85


  • Advanced Maths – 168
  • Basic Maths – 80
  • Calculus – 97
  • Other Maths –
  • Statistics and Probability – 140


  • Anatomy and Physiology – 90
  • Nursing – 90
  • Psychology – 90

Earth Science

  • Earth Science – 168

The amount of rate per answer you see above may be increased with inflation or decrease, so if you know the correct rate, please let us know by your valuable comment.

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