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If you are thinking of changing your college and have some doubts, this post might help you. So for changing your college, the reason can be anything, but most students get to trouble and get admission to the wrong college. So here you will read about 8 Things to do before changing your college.

Research about your new college.

The first thing you should do as a student is researching about the college. Don’t blindly trust other people and give money to any touts or commission agents. Before paying any money, do your research.

Here are a few essential things that you must do.

  • Check the affiliation of the college. See if it is in list of UGC, affiliated to any recognised university, it is easily avilable on the internet.
  • Second thing is check the ambinace of the college like campus, staff members, proffessors etc.
  • Other thing is try to search news regarding the college. Just type the name of the college in the news section. See what news are publised if it’s postive or negative.

Get your documents ready.

Once you know about the college that it is good now it’s time to get your documents ready. Here is the list of copies that you need before changing the college.

  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Previous years certificates.
  • 10th, 12th marksheet.
  • Letter for changing your college with valid reason.

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Look at the finance.

Before changing the college, make sure you have cleared all the due fees of the previous one. If you are looking for an education loan, try to get it done before the new session start.

Paper works and other things like to be done as soon as possible make sure you got the fees structure, letter of admission from college to get your education loan sanctioned.

Research about campus placement.

Campus placement may be one of the essential factors. That’s why you may be changing college. In some colleges, campus placement is not so good as most companies recruit people from the top colleges.

To find out which colleges provide the best campus placements, you can read quora stories and join discussions on forums.

I am not talking about government universities and colleges such as IIT, IIM, and AIIMS because getting admission to these universities is very hard, and changing colleges is impossible. Only a fool would do that!

Make good friends.

This one is a common and obvious point in this list, but you need to work on this if you are an introvert.

Making friends before getting into college is essential, and you can do this while taking admission or visiting the college for the first time. Doing so will help you understand the area if you are new there.

Find good accommodation.

If you are not staying in a college hostel, you may remain a paying guest during your college days.

To find suitable accommodation you can start 1-2 months before your college session starts. You can find other people or make some friends as your roommate. As it will spilt the rent making your pocket much lighter.

If you do these early, chances are there you can find a room or PG near your college.

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Get books and notes.

Students who all are changing college between the 2nd year or final year may need extra work as they have to gather notes and books that are not accessible during the middle of degree courses.

Instead of asking a particular person to help you share their notes and book with you, you can use social media. This way, it would be easier for you to get messages.

Start early reading.

Many things may change for you when you change a college, such as a new place, syllabus, atmosphere, and friends.

Due to this many people don’t study but if you are 100% sure of changing the college and if everything been done such as procedure of admission and settlement of funds you can start looking early.

Doing so will help you get brownie points which will reflected in your marks.

How much time it takes to change a college?

Generally students who change college don’t know how much time it would take for the full procedure.

I have made a table on certain documents and time duration for them to get it.

Documents required for changing your college.Time duration to get it.
Migration certificate2-3 days to 1 week.
Transfer certificate2-3 days to 1 week.
Previous year certificate(Original)1 Day
Bank documents (In case education loan)1 week – 2week.

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