If you are a CGPSC exam aspirant and looking forward to buying CGPSC general studies books then this article may help you a lot. There are many books in the market but people get confused about which is the best books they can find on the market.

I will you about three best books that you can buy all of them are in the Hindi language. But don’t get disappointed if you are an English medium aspirant than I have some list s for you that you can buy from.

But if you are preparing for CGPSC I will recommend buying a Hindi book as the data and content available here are not you will get in most English medium books. So the best CGPSC General Studies Books are

The best book for CGPSC General Studies Books is Vrihad sandarbh by Upkar publications, Chhattisgarh Vishist Adhyayan by Hari Ram Patel, And Samagra Chhattisgarh by Chhattisgarh Rajya Hindi Granth Academy.

Now lets see the every book in detail.

CGPSC General Studies Books (Hindi Medium)

As you may know about these books if you are already preparing for CGPSC exam. But for those who are new and know nothing about what books they need to buy for CGPSC General Studies. Here’s the information in details.

Vrihad sandarbh by Upkar Publication

cgpsc general studies books

This is one of my favourite book for general studies. Before starting the preparation for exams I was searching about the CGPSC General Studies Books on the internet. I saw many videos of toppers of CGPSC and they highly recommend this book for preparation.

This book is about 400 pages it has all the important data and contents for preparation of CGPSC exams. You can learn about each and every topic give on the syllabus in advertisements for CGPSC.

The best thing about this book is you can easily get this from an online store such as Amazon and that’s the reason that this book is so much popular because you can get it easily.

Chhattisgarh Vishist Adhyayan by Hari Ram Patel.

CGPSC general studies books

Chhattisgarh Vishist Adhyayan by Hari Ram Patel is among another Best CGPSC General Studies Books. This book is popular among students and great for general studies.

You can get this book from any of the nearby stationery but so far I have not found an online platform except one that provides online service of this book.

This book has covered all the topics which have been asked in the syllabus. So if you are looking for an alternative to vrihad sandarbh book then go for it.

Samagra Chhattisgarh by Chhattisgarh Rajya Hindi Granth Academy

cgpsc general studies books

This Book so far contains the detailed topics and about 600-700 Pages. If you buy this book you can easily cover all the topics easily and no need for extra books to go.

But sadly this book is rarely found in the stationary you can buy if you don’t want to read the other two books that I have mentioned above.

No online site sell this book you have to look for some shops who have this book.

CGPSC General Studies Books (English Medium)

For english medium CGPSC aspirants there are only limited amount of books available in the market. But some publisher like destiny publication and tuteja publication have published some books in the english medium that you can buy for.

The english medium books are not as much good as what hindi books content offer. But if you have problem understanding the hindi words then you can buy english books.

Important points Before You Buy Any Book

  • Don’t Buy All three books to read because they contain the same information. Some books have the information in detail some as per general info all books have the same thing.
  • Ask Others before buying any books. Like you can contact your friends and seek online help if possible before buying anything.
  • Go for the latest edition of the book don’t buy previous yearbooks.
  • For Deep Knowledge in any of the topic from the syllabus, you have to buy a reference book also.

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