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Are you looking forward to buy new cgpsc english medium booklist?

So, If yes then stick to this blog post where I will tell you about the best books that you can buy.

CGPSC state service exam which can give you class 2 and class 3 jobs.

CGPSC English medium booklist

Most of the students don’t know about the authentic books of cgpsc and buy random books to read.

There are total three steps of cgpsc exam.

  • Prelims.
  • Mains.
  • Interview

These above tips are connected to each other you don’t have to prepare anything extra than just following some tips.

  • You must do integrated study for prelims and mains exam.
  • Don’t buy too many book for a single subject.
  • Read daily newspapers.
  • Practice Answer writing.
  • See previous years question papers.
  • Start making notes.

As many cgpsc aspirants give exams in Hindi medium therefore the majority of English medium students are less.

Due to this the books for cgpsc english medium students is very much limited.

Therefore many english medium aspirants till now use hindi medium book for studying.

For example:- I use vrihad sandarbh book for studying many things about Chhattisgarh as this is the most authentic book that many people use.

Now let’s take the look on books that you can purchase.

Cgpsc english medium booklist Paper wise.

As you may aware of the number of papers that you have given in the Cgpsc sse exam.

There are seven papers and based on that i have made a booklist.



  • National and International Level (Monthly Magazines Vision IAS)
  • Chattisgarh Level(Ghatna Chakra)

Note :- Also Read Daily News Papers Such As Hitvada and Deccan Chronical.

Paper-3 (General Studies -1)


  • Ancient History- India’s Ancient Past by R. S. Sharma.
  • Medieval History-History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra.
  • Modern History-History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra.

Constitution, and Public Administration

  • Constitution-M.laxmikant
  • Chattisgarh Public Administration-Tuteja Books for Public Administration
  • Chhattisgarh History -Chhattisgarh Rajya Granth Academy book

Paper-4 (General Studies-2)

Paper 5 (General Studies-3)

  • Economic of India-Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh
  • Economy Of Chhattisgarh-Economic survey of Chhattisgarh, Budget, and Vrihad Sandarbh.
  • Geography Of India-Geography of India by Majid Hussain.
  • Geography of Chhattisgarh-Bhulaugik Adhyayn by Granth academy.

Paper 6 (General Studies-4)

  • Philosophy-Philosophy By Destiny publication
  • Sociology-Sociology by Destiny Publication
  • Social Aspect of Chattisgarh-Chattisgarh ki Janjatiyan by Granth academy.

Paper 7(General Studies-5)

  • Welfare development programs and law-Official website Of Cg.
  • International & National organization-Internet and Magazines.
  • Role of human development(nat&int)-Internet

You can also use the book of 7th Paper BY DESTINY PUBLICATION this book covers all the three parts of the paper.

Other Important study materials you can buy.

After making your cgpsc english medium booklist you can buy other important study materials that many people ignore.

First of all you should have a sample question paper book as it is very important to solve MCQ’S after you read any topic.

Pratiyogita Saransh is one of the best books which cover all the topics of Chhattisgarh as well as question-related to general knowledge.

One of the book that i ordered online you can take a look…….

After that you can buy maps and stick it on your study place so that daily you can see the places and remember them.

Print out previous question papers and also refer them while reading any topic. Hence it will give you an idea about the type of questions asked.

Why should you buy Granth academy books.

Chattisgarh Rajya Granth academy is an autonomous body formed in the year 2006. The main reason to form this academy is to provide valuable and genuine source of materials to students.

CG Rajya Granth Academy is an authentic source to read for any exams conducted in the state. These books contain real and genuine data which mostly books failed to provide.

Also one more advantage of buying these book that it come with low price as compared to other books in the market.

How to buy Cgpsc english medium books.

You can buy these book by following ways such as.

In you may not find all the book there i only managed to get three books from here.

For getting all the books you may need to find it in various online stores and stationary.

However, in cities like Raipur and Bilaspur shop owners have a book set of all the papers.

You can order books by courier as some shop owners offer these services.And within 1-2 days you can get your books by bus or courier service.

Things you should check before buying Books.

Before buying any book for the cgpsc exam you should keep in your mind about the following things.

Check Book Edition.

Whenever you buy any book first of all check it’s publishing date. Then only purchase it. Because books like vrihad sandarbh come with a lot of data in it. And if you purchase any old edition book the data may vary in that.

Don’t buy too many books.

Buying a lot of books for an exam only creates a mess. Always purchase one book a read it more and more.

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