There are about 70-80% of students in the world who all are average students or perform average in their studies. But after school or college, every student has a question in their mind regarding clearing the exams with the best results. But can average students clear competitive exams?

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Average students can definitely clear exams such as UPSC, NEET, JEE, and SSC even foreign exams such as MAT, CAT, GMAT, etc. To do so they have to study in a well-prepared and organized way by clearing their basic concepts of a particular exam syllabus.

What makes people an average student?

Average students are those who perform somewhere in middle or always get not too few and not too good marks especially in studies.

Rather than studies, you can figure out just by behavior that a person is an average student or not by noticing things which are given below.

  • They will not take an active part in when the teacher is teaching.
  • They are not much curious towards studies.
  • They will always have negative attitude towards everything.
  • They don’t learn from their mistakes and repeat them again.
  • Following others blindly for no reason and waste their time instead of being productive.

Can average students clear competative exam easily?

Absolutely average students can definitely clear any competitive exams if they take care of a few things. To make things easier I have gathered some of the best advice from many people who have cleared and experts that they have used to clear the exams.

How you can clear any competitive exam being an average student?

These are some basic advice that you will find on the internet and doing all these things many average students have cleared competitive exams. Let’s see about some of them.

Average students who cleared UPSC.

Here are the list of some of the UPSC toppers those who were the avarage student but with proper strategy and guidance they cracked the exam easily. Know about their sucess stories given in the videos below.

Himanshu Kaushik (UPSC CSE AIR 77 | 2017)

Mamta popat (UPSC CSE AIR 45 | 2017)

vaibhav Chhabra (UPSC ESE AIR 32 | 2018)

Pratham kaushik (UPSC CSE AIR 5 | 2017)

Sudhir gehlot (UPSC CSE AIR 42 | 2017)

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