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Maintaining a good CF score on Chegg is very important if you want to work for long on this platform. However, many new experts don’t know how to calculate the Cf score on Chegg and maintaining it, and due to that, they lose their account. But in this article, I will help you to find the exact percentage of your Cf score with a simple formula.

Cf score on Chegg is calculated by the total positive ratings divided by total rating you got on your answers. If the number of positive ratings are more then the CF score will be more. Having a healthy CF score means you will have a good standing with Chegg.

To know more about Cf score you can read further if you have recently joined Chegg.

What is CF score on Chegg?

Cf score in Chegg determines the percentages of your rating in the answers. The CF score is completely depends on the positive and negative ratings.If your ratings are positive then the Cf score will be higher and if the ratings are negative then the CF will be lower. It is advisable to have at least 80% of CF score to work as a Chegg expert.

Now let’s move forward towards the formula for calculating the Cf score.

Formulae to calculate CF Score on Chegg

Here’s the simple formula which you can use to calculate your own CF score.

Steps to calculate CF score

  • Open your Chegg expert dashboard.
  • Go to “My answers” Option.
  • Now in the “Filter answers” option calculate total positive rated answers.
  • The calculate your total “rated answers”.
  • Then use the above given formula.
  • For example your total positive rated answers are 15 and total rated answers is 18. Then your CF score will be 83%.

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How CF score is calculated by the Chegg team?

Chegg team calculate your Cf score from the time you start giving answers.

Suppose I started giving answers from the month of April and for that month my CF score was about 92%. Then the next month which is May my Cf score was about 86%. So each month Cf score is combined together.

You will receive e-mails from the Chegg team each month if your CF score is low on Chegg. They will send warnings and suggestions to improve your CF and if it is low for 2-3 consecutive months then your account can be revoked.

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How to maintain a good CF score?

Maintaining is a good Cf score in Chegg is quiet hard for beginners because of due lack of proper information. They attempt each and every question and doing this they somehow unknowingly attempt a question which is against the Chegg expert guidelines.

I recommend you read this official guidelines of Chegg before attempting any answer – click here to read.

You can maintain your CF score with good percentage by following some of the rules.

  • Writing answers in detailed way with good explanation.
  • Handwritten answers should be written in good handwriting and with summary in typed text.
  • Always attempt those questions which you are 100% sure that you answer is correct. Wrong answers will get you a downvote.
  • Numerical should be written in step by step.
  • You answers should be in understandable language and it should not contain fancy words.

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What should the minimum CF score?

The minimum CF score is 80% on the Chegg if you go below that the Chegg team will contact you thru mails to make the score better by giving quality answers. If your CF score is low for more than 2-3 consecutive months the there’s a chance that your account can get revoked.

Steps to follow if you have a low Cf score and got a warning mail from Chegg.

If you got a warning mail or quality advice mail from Chegg team.

Chegg Quality Advice Mail To Improve The Cf Score

As you can read above there are set of instructions that is asked to perform to an expert to increase their CF score.

If you have a low Cf score that can lead to account suspension, to avoid it here’s what you can do.

  • Login to your account between 11.00 pm to 7.00 am (ISD) because most of the questions come under this time slot.
  • Solving questions with quality answers during this time slot can give you a positive ratings.
  • Write neatly while giving answers in a blank sheet of paper avoid paper with line. And highlight the main answer.
  • Edit typed answer using given options in box. Underline the answers and use bullet points while typing so that it look appealing to the reader.

Once account is revoked can you get it back?

There is a possibility of getting a revoked account if your account suspended due to low CF score. Because sometime students give downvotes to correct answers knowingly.

But don’t expect to get your revoked account if you have done some mistakes like plagiarism, copying answers, incomplete answers or giving answers against Chegg guidelines.

You can contact Chegg support to get your revoked account. But don’t expect too much!

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