Best Time To Log In Chegg

Once you joined Chegg as an expert, now it’s time to give answers and make some money. But most people face problems as they find difficult to find question on Chegg. Today in this blog, I will help you out when you get more questions and the Best Time To Log In, Chegg.

The best timing to log in on Chegg is between 11.00 Am – 9.00 AM (IST), as in this time period, most people post questions as the majority of students belong to western countries. You can solve a maximum of 20-30 questions a day, depending on your expertise on your subject.

If you got your answer the great!

Or else you can read further detail to know more about the best time to login into Chegg and the months that you can get most of the questions.

Best Time To Log In Chegg

As an expert, the best time to log in to Chegg is between 11.00 pm to 9.00 am, according to Indian Time Standard. As in these hours, students post most of the questions.

Because most students are from the United States, there’s a huge time difference between India and the USA. That’s why you should log in between these hours.

Best Days To Log In Chegg

You can expect to get the question on the following days given below.

  • Monday –
  • Tuesday –
  • Wednesday –
  • Thursday –
  • Friday –
  • Saturday –

Normally, most questions are submitted in the first three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Mondays, you can expect to get a huge number of questions.

As schools open after the weekend, students get new topics and homework on Monday, so they tend to ask more questions on these days.

Taking about the rest of the three days, which are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, students have to submit their assignments on these days. So the frequency of questions on Chegg decreases.

Best Months To Get Most Questions On Chegg

As most questions are asked from the USA in Chegg, knowing which months are best to work to get questions is better.

The academic year in the USA starts in August or September and ends in June. So due to that, you may be getting the most question on these months most.

But for better understanding have a list for you.

Best months to get most questions on Chegg

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • April
  • May

As you see in the above list, in these 8 months, you will be getting most of the questions on Chegg and make money.

Apart from this, the remaining months are November, December, January, June. I would not say that in those months, you won’t be getting questions, but the probability becomes very much low on these months.

If you are arriving 200 questions/day in July, then in December, you will hardly get 20-30 questions/day.

How many Questions Can You Solve Per Day?

Solving questions of Chegg depends mainly on three things.

  • Your knowledge about the subject or a perticular topic.
  • Volume of questions in a particular day.
  • Time you have logged in.

But not all people are geniuses, and they want an exact answer. As per my point of view, 60-70% of people on Chegg only joined this platform to make some extra money, not as a full-time job.

And some of them have a day job to do, so this makes it hard for people to solve the question on Chegg.

But still, if you work 2-3 hours at night easily, you can make 5-6 questions and 90-100 questions a month, which can give you an alternative source of income for your other expenses.

How To Awake At Night To Solve Most Questions.

Well, I personally will not advise you to change your whole daily routine, which you have been following throughout the year, just for the sake of money.

Still, if you want to do it, then here are some tips that can follow if you want to do your job seriously.

Tips to be awake at night.

  • Complete you sleep cycle which is at least 6 hours in day.
  • Drink coffee after dinner to stay awake.
  • Don’t listen soft music because it will make you sleep.
  • Stay on Chegg don’t watch movies or anything meanwhile you searching for questions.

Things You Should Take Care Before Logging in Your Chegg Account.

At night, you take care of some of the things to solve most questions on Chegg at night.

So before logging in, you take care few of the things like.

  • You internet pack.
  • Stationery items in case if you solve the question on the paper.
  • Use your laptop at night or submit answers on your phone if there’s any power outage in your area.
Best Time To Log In Chegg

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