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If you are a student from school or college and searching for the best pens that can help you with note-taking, then you are in the right place. Now there are multiple pens you can find in the market, but you need some selective pens if you want to be ahead of others.

Before I tell you anything about the best pens for note-taking, let us see what type of pen you need and why you need to choose a note-taking pen.

Here are some important points.

  • During making live notes, the teacher speaks very quickly and catches him up with your writing, and you need a good pen.
  • Choosing a good pen makes your writing readable, as I have personally experienced it that after writing in a hurry with cheap pens.
  • You can make notes directly in your fair copy to save time.

What type of pens can be used while making notes ?

Gel pens are best to use while making notes for many reasons, such as it is much smoother than ballpoint pens, and their ink is thicker and requires less pressure to write.

Here Are Gel Pens That You Can Choose To Buy For Notes Taking.

1. Classmate Octane Gel Pen.

Best Pens For Notes Taking

Classmate gel pen is very affordable at looks like expensive pens it uses Japanese technology ink has simple design this pen can easily attract anyone and in my opinion i have personally used it there no match for this pen. You will not regret if you buy it.

Key Features:-

  • Japanese waterproof Ink.
  • Affordable to buy.
  • Ink is replaceable.

2. Cello Deco Gel Pen.

Best Pens For Notes Taking

I think this pen is most affordable pen in this list yet most used by the people. As you can see on the above image it comes in five colors and best for student those who love to carry fancy colors. This pen is ideal for both boys and girls and can bought from online and offline stores.

Key features :-

  • Every age group can use this pen.
  • Has many color options.
  • 0.6 mm tip for beautiful writing.
  • Ink is waterproof.

3. Reynolds Trimax Liquid Gel Pen.

Best Pens For Notes Taking

Reynold’s Trimax can be considered as the longest-lasting pen among all six on the list. This pen is pretty fast as I used it quite frequently during my school days. The most amazing thing which I liked about this pen is its ink. It uses very different gel ink and can refill as well.

Key Features:-

  • 0.5 mm tip for stable writing.
  • Refill is not much costly.
  • Big Ink barrel.

4. Linc Pentonic 0.6 mm Gel Pen.

Best Pens For Notes Taking

Linc Pens are my personal favorite. I use its ballpoint pen also, which comes in a 0.7mm tip that is awesome. And you should also consider this pen if you want to make your notes faster in the class. These pens look like the ballpoint pen, so before buying them, read the box description.

Key features:-

  • Low viscosity ink
  • German Ink technology.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Matte finish does not slip while writing.

5. Uniball Air Micro.

Best Pens For Notes Taking

This pen’s price is slightly on the higher side but trusts me. It is a total value for money. It’s made in Japan and uses that technology as well. This pen comes in 2 color variants, black and blue.

Key features:-

  • Fastest drying ink.
  • Tungsten ball at the nib.
  • Smooth writing with glide.

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6. Pilot V7 Liquid Ink Roller Ball Pen 

Best Pens For Notes Taking

This pen somewhat look like trimax but after knowing it’s features you will be complete amazed. If you have used any of the pilot pen before you should aware about the quality of this brand. Pilot pens are most commonly used mostly by college students for making notes as per by observation in my class.

Key features:-

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