Getting full marks on essays is not an easy task for students. Only a few people can write a good essay, and that too with an ideal length. Today in this post, you will learn about writing amazing essays with maintaining it’s length.

Best Essay Length

So what should be the best essay length?

The Ideal or best essay length is between 1000 words – 1500 words because, in the majority of exams, the questions on the essays are asked between these word limits. However, essay length can be determined by the given topic, allotment of marks, and word limit itself asked in the question.

That’s the exact answer you were probably looking for. Still, if you want to secure the maximum marks on exams on your essays, you can consider reading further about this topic to know about other things and write a good essay.

What is the best essay length (In Detail)?

Best Essay Length
Best Essay Length

In most exams, a word limit is given on the question papers about the length of the essay, but if it’s not given their these tips can help you.

If you are about to write an essay, its length can be determined thru following things:-

  • Type of exam you are giving.
  • Type of question asked in the essay.
  • Maximum marks for an essay.

The length of an essay depends on what type of exam you are giving. So write cleverly if you sit in various types of exams.

  • Unit test – Unit test or class test is small test generally occurs once a month in the class and if you got an eassy question generally it would be about 15-20 marks. In that case you can write an essay of 350-500 words.And the level of question asked here is easy.
  • Semester exams – Semester exams both occurs in school and colleges. You may know about this as a “Half Yearly” exam if you are in school. Essay question asked in these examination is between 25-30 Marks. So according to given marks you can write an essay about 600-1000 words. Question asked in this type of exams are moderate.
  • Annual or final exams – Annual exam as by name held each year and this decides your promotion to the next class. These exam have full syallbus and topic can be asked from any part of the book. The essay question in these exams have weightage of 50-100 marks or same as samester exams. But in this exam you have to write the best essay of about 1000-1200 words. Make sure to give a good structure to your essay.

Other than that, if you are preparing for competitive exams, essay-based questions are also asked, and if a word limit is not given, you can consider writing an essay of 1000-1200 words.

Essay length on different situations.

Essay Type Maximum marks Length of essay in words Structure of essay
(School Essay)Unit test 10-15 marks300 – 500 wordsUse short paragraphs and
write to the point.
(School)Annual exams 20-25 marks400-600 wordsExplanation about the topic in short and write a conclusion at the end.
(college) Semester exam 35-50 marks 500-800 words Use introduction, body, and conclusion but don’t write too deep.
(college) Annual exams 50-100 marks700-1000 wordsInclude some facts and write a personal opinion
Competitive exams 100 – 125 marks 1000-1500 wordsInclude facts, current affairs, and data’s
Essay competitionsNot specified1500-2500 wordsBriefly explain the topic, write a personal opinion with a positive approach.
Essay length on different situations

What are the main things that you can include in your essays?

While writing your essay, make sure you include several things to make it more appealing to read for the examiners. Doing this can gradually increase your marks. Let’s take a look at the important things that you must include in your essays.


Quotes are significant whenever you start writing any essay but make sure they should be relevant to the topic you are writing for.

For example – If you are writing about a topic such as ” Importance of technology in education, then you can use the below quote at the beginning of your essay and then start writing your essay.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.”

– Bill Gates


Including facts in your essays can make the readers more interested in reading further your essay. Make sure to put the genuine facts in your essay.

Current affairs

Referring to current affairs and recent data in your essays can increase your marks in the exams. Always refer to recent news, and that should be a big one, and avoid small news.

Government published data

If you are preparing for any government exams, it is highly recommeded for you to know about data about various fields. (Things like the unemployment rate, population, GDP, Budgets, and various schemes are important in the essays).


However, it is not recommended to make a drawing on the essay, but if the essay is about a topic on location or that demands a descriptive answer, you can do that by making a drawing on your essay.

How to structure your essay of best length?

Structure of essayWords limit
Introduction250-300 words
Main body 550-700 words
Conclusion 200-300 words
Total1000- 1300 words
word limit to structure your essay

Writing an essay is an art, and you must learn few things when you are about to write it down on a sheet of paper. Most people don’t know, but there’s a general trick to writing an essay followed by many topper students when they wrote the essays.

When writing an essay to make it of good length and convey your information properly, you can use this below structure. Also, I have provided the average words to write your essay under the word limit.

Introduction(250-300 Words)

In the introduction, you can write a small piece of information that includes the following things about a topic.

  • History or backgournd.
  • Definations.
  • Person who invented somthing.
  • Small discussion about things you will be writing in your essay

These are the main things that you can write in the introduction part of the essay. Make sure you include quotes and important dates if possible to make it look appealing to the reader. If you write a good introduction, then the examiner or reader would consider reading it further.

The basic body of an essay(500-700 Words)

The basic and most important part of the essay. This is the portion that decides the marks, so write the best you can.

Here are the things that you must include in the body of the essay.

  • Explanation of topic in detail.
  • Merits and demerits.
  • Need of the hour.
  • Write your point if view(personal opinion).
  • Include facts, data, and current affairs if required or question demands.

Conclusion(200-300 Words)

The conclusion of your essay should always contain positive thinking, no matter how negative the question is asked.

For example, if you write an essay on “human trafficking” and write a conclusion, you must write down the major step to stop “human trafficking.”

As it is a sensitive topic and comes under a big crime so you must address the topic to clear it out from the world.

Must know things while writing an essay

There are some important things you should know while writing an essay.

  • Hightlight the main words or blod them on your essay.
  • Underline the dates with a pen or pencil.
  • Use simple words and avoid complex words.
  • Write a short paragraphs as this makes essay easier to read.
  • Use present tense write as if your are doing conversation with the examiner or reader.

Do you need to calculate words in an essay?

While writing an essay, if you calculate the words, it will take too much time. Instead, you can calculate lines as each line consists of 5-7 words, and each page contains 20-25 lines on average. So each page will contain at least 120-150 words, and then you can write according to the word limit.

Should you write an essay at the end?

If you are giving college or school exams, there are many questions asked in English papers, so it’s better to attempt a short question first and then write the essay because writing an essay is a thoughtful process, and it takes time?

Can students get full marks on essays?

It is very rare to get full marks on essays because most teachers don’t read the full essays. If you want to make them read, make sure to write your introduction interesting to read further.

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