Back To School After Lockdown

Many schools are opening soon for the higher classes student as their education and career are highly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In all over the world, almost every schools are closed so that the infection could not affect the students as well.

But many countries including India has decided to open the schools for higher classes. The classes will be not as the schools previously take. As a student what things you need to do so that you can be safe from your side.

So here you get to know about some tips on back to school after lockdown. You can follow these tips also share with others to prevent yourself and others from this deadly virus.

The 7 tips for students on back to school after lockdown are:-

  • Travel with your own vehicles to schools.
  • Keep mask and sanitizer with you.
  • Don’t share food or eat from outside.
  • Avoid attending too many tuitions.
  • Make use of online education.
  • Avoid Groupism in schools
  • Go Home Safely.

Let look each point in detail so that you won’t miss anything and be safe at school.

1. Travel with your own vehicles to schools.

The students of 11th and 12th class can ride a scooter and most of them do that. During this time it is not so safe to travel in any public transportation. I have seen many students use auto-rickshaws and vans where the driver makes to sit 10-12 students at a time just to earn money.

Students who go to school in buses provided by the school also be avoided as they have to main the proper distance and also they will charge more fees from you if they are allowed to transport students. As the capacity should be kept half.

If you can’t ride a scooter or vehicle you ask your parents or any elder in your home to drop to school. Using two-wheelers will save your money and also keep you on the safer side.

2. Keep mask and sanitizer with you.

When you go to school after lockdown it is mandatory to wear the mask when you go from one place to another in the schools.

However, during the class, the students will be made to sit a safe distance. During this time the students can sit without mask in the class as it is very to wear it all the time.

Other than that the school itself will provide the handwashes it’s better for each to have a small bottle of sanitizer in their backpack. You can keep extra mask with you so that if one of your masks broke you can use the other one.

3. Don’t share food or eat from outside.

Manu students have an habit of eating from outside while coming and going from home to school or vice versa. You should control this from eating outside and encourage other not to eat from outside.

Eating from outside especially fast food is most loved by the students when I was in y college I used to eat breakfast like samosa and all every day. But the situation is not so good right now.

If you are really hungry and want to eat from outside then see the proper hygiene of the place and then go for it.

4. Avoid attending too many tuitions.

To complete the syllabus fast most of the students rely on tuitions and they go tuitions where most of the friends go. See right now taking tuitions in the is not prohibited but you are responsible for your own safty.

Attending tutions for unnessaccary subjects should be avoided this will waste your time in this pendemic situation.

Also try to focus on those subject which are most important like Physics ,Chemistry , biology , Maths and etc.

This time very crucial don’t totally depend on offline classes and your teachers as online classes are at getting more and more popular you can try that.

5. Make use of online education.

Almost everyone nowadays are studying online. It is not mandatory for everyone to go to school as the school which are not in the containment zone will only be open and rest of them will be closed.

Same for the students and teacher if they have got infected or nearby persons they can remain in home and use the online medium for reading.

Other than that if you don;t want to watch videos made by your schools then you can go and join other free channels available there on the youtube.

6. Avoid Groupism in schools

The present situation is not to enjoy with our friends although in school campus the students will not be able to form groups an all. But don’t do this even on the outside.

The assemblies and all other meetings and gathering will not be made in the schools so don’t worry about that.

7. Go Home Safely.

Once your school is over it time to go to home but you have to make sure to have all the precautions.

The first thing you should do is sanitize you bike handles and seat because you don;t know who touched it when you were in the class.

Next thing is wear your mask and do not remove it until you reach to your house. First off all sanitise your hands then to the room.

For more information on school reopening watch this video.

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