Are Online Part Time Jobs Safe
Online Part Time Jobs

Online part-time jobs, people think that it is the simplest way to earn money by sitting at home. There are many ways you can earn money nowadays, but considering the people who are not aware of online scams, they become the victim of it and lose their money.

So are online part time jobs safe? Online part-time jobs are only safe when you do it from a legit platform or websites like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn, and etc. Other than that if you got an offer from any other third-party platform it’s 70%-80% sure that they are not safe.

As I mentioned above about only 3-4 websites but you can have a look on list of websites that you can work on part time jobs and earn real money.

Click here to know about websites.

But what are third-party websites and how to identify the fake ones that scam you just in the name of online work.

How they Scam You?

Most students and housewife’s get trapped in this type of scams as they want to earn some extra money they see an ad in click on it and they get a call from some person who tells them that their company will pay in thousands of rupees for working 2-3 hours daily.

But to start it you need to pay some registration fees and or either sign a contract.

So now you’ve paid a registration fees or either signed their fake contract.

The fees you’ve paid will never be given nor the work will be provided by the fake employer.

And talking about the contract that you may have signed was the fake one, and they will ask you for money if you will not complete the given work in time and try to threaten you and file a case against you in court.

Steps to identify online work is real or fake.

Before applying for any job or paying some registration fees to someone, there are some important things that you need to look at.

If you are a nontechnical guy or girl, you will face some problems to identify a fake website or job ads on websites. To help you out I’ve written some helpful tips for you.

Let’s take a look on those steps.

1. Check Their Website

Are Online Part Time Jobs Safe
Check Websites

Websites are the important factor for a business or brand as every information can shared using a website it should be obvious for a company or an employer to have their own website.

To know about weather the website is fake or not follow these steps:-

  • The name of an established site will have a top domain extension such as .com, .in,, .biz. . Also the domain name will not contain dashes or any symbols.

Example: |

  • Check the age of the website using domain age checking tools. If the website is created recently, then the chances of it have false information can be possible.
  • Read the about us page and visit their social media page if they have checked people’s response how they have commented on their page.
  • Also, you can check the authority and spam score of the website using this link. The lower the authority score means the website is not trustworthy, and the higher the spam score means the website does spam.

2. Check Address

Are Online Part Time Jobs Safe
Check Address

Every business has its own address; if anyone tells you about their company and offering any online job, first of all, check the address. You can take the help of google maps for doing so as nowadays every small to large business is listed on google.

Also if they don’t have their address mentioned on their website you can directly ask them about their details of the office or wherever they operate from.

You can also send a letter before investing money for registration fees for getting a job. If the address and the person’s name both are correct they will receive it and if not the postal department will return it to you.

3. Check Phone Number

Check Number

Every month or in 15 days, I got a call from a scammer, but I do not receive it thanks to the true caller app for that because before picking up the number, it already shows the name of the business or the person’s name

You can download the same application to know if a person is calling is a scammer or not. Download this app here.

However, here I am talking about the other scammer who scams you in the name of online jobs, not the person who calls directly from the other side telling you he is from income tax or wants to extend the validity of your credit-debit card.

4. Research Online

Are Online Part Time Jobs Safe
Research Online

So this can be your first step but I listed it on number 4th because it is hard to find the correct information of the internet about scammers. However you can watch videos about the particular websites that you applied on as many people have shared their view about it.

If a company has mentioned their GST you can easily cross-check using the government provided websites given below.

Check GST of business

5. Beware from eye catching Offers

Are Online Part Time Jobs Safe
Vague Offer

Do you know why people get scammed or get offers from fake online jobs? Don’t you know?

It because the fraud people offer you a lot amount of money that you cannot deny from applying it. In their ads, they are ready to pay the amount of Rs 2000 – 3000 per hour.

Now tell me who’s gonna ignore that much amount of money.

It’s the vague offers that make you able to click to their fancy sites and in return you get nothing.

As per the survey done by McAfee, it is found that 56.1 % of Indian people have been scammed in these types of things.

What to do if you paid money?

If you once paid money to scammer there’s no returning back the only thing you will be rely on in police department and that too with the cyber security.

We all know in the name of online part-time jobs, the scammer asks money to be sent on their account, and there is high possibility that the account they are using would be fake or are not directly connected to it.

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