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Laptop batteries last about 2-3 years, and then you have to purchase a new one, but sometimes we don’t get an original battery, and ultimately we have to buy a compatible one. But are compatible laptop batteries good?

Compatible laptop batteries are 60-70% efficient compared to original ones and can be used in laptops to replace genuine batteries. Compatible batteries are cheaper but can last for about 1-2 years if purchased from a reputable brand.

Let’s get into deep and know some detailed information about this topic.

What are compatible laptop batteries, and why are they cheap?

Third-party manufactures make compatible batteries to provide a cheaper solution to people. Compatible batteries can be purchased using the model number of your electronic device.

They are cheap because some companies use recycled batteries to manufacture the product, which saves a lot of money during the production, which results in more affordable prices.

Whereas if you want to buy an original battery, you have to pay extra for brand value, import charges, and transportation costs.

Other than that, the critical reason compatible batteries are being cheap because they are made in china.

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Compatible (Generic) vs. genuine( Original ) batteries

Compatible(Generic) batteries Genuine(Original) batteries
Generic batteries are cheaper. The price range of these batteries is between 2000-3000 INR(20 -30 USD)Genuine batteries are expensive, almost 50% compared to generic ones.
Almost 70-80% of compatible batteries are made in china.These batteries are made by manufacturers belonging to the same brands.
Discharge cycles of batteries are low between 200-300, with a result of low battery life.The discharge cycle is between 400 – 600, which can last about 2 – 3 years.
Claiming a warranty is a long process as customer support is not so good.Aftersale services are good and can be solved by going to the service center.
Batteries life is too short compared to original ones you can use it hardly for 3- 4 hours.Original batteries have a better lifespan, and with proper usage and time to time calibration, they can last for 5-6 hours.
Difference between compatible and genuine battery.

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How to get original batteries for your laptop?

To get original spare parts or batteries, you have to visit the nearest service center of your laptop brand with your laptop.

The technicians will figure out your laptop’s serial and model number and replace the old battery with the new one.

You can also check out online. If you bought a laptop from an online store, visit your laptop’s official website and put your serial and model number, and you can buy the battery from there.

What to do if you don’t get original batteries for your laptop?

Getting and original batteries for the old laptop is not possible. I own Hp Pavillion laptop, with I bought in 2014. After checking several times in many places, I ultimately had to buy a compatible battery, but it never lasted for a year.

For the past 2-3 years, I have been using my laptop without a battery and open problems I had to face.

But if you have an old laptop that is more than five years old, there is a rare chance of finding a genuine battery.

But you can still order compatible battery from ebay or official site but be ready to pay the delivery charge if you order it from some other country.

How to keep your laptop battery healthy?

If you have purchased a genuine battery or compatible or you can increase by doing the following things.

  • Don’t discharge your laptop battery lower than 35 – 30%.
  • Do’t fully charge your laptop more than 90%.
  • Perform battery calibration atleast once or twice a month.
  • Use cooling pad while doing editing, gaming or doing heavy work.
  • Use a good brand battery which provide atleast 1 year of warrenty.

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How to know if a laptop battery is good?

Before buying a compatible battery you can check some of things to know if the product you are going to purchase is good.

  • Read reviews of the brand that you are going to buy.
  • Check online stores read reviews because you may get it in cheaper price point.
  • Check if it’s made in china if it is then make sure to avoid purchasig it.

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