As soon as the mains exam dates are coming close all the aspirants must be anxious about their answer writing strategy. Most aspirants focus on just making notes and revising as much content they can. And they don’t pay too much attention to there answer writing strategy.

Today in this blogpost you will read about whether you should you buy books to enhance you answer writing for Civil services exams.

So Should You Buy An Answer Writing book For Upsc? Yes, you should definitely buy a writing book for UPSC and civil services exams. These books are pocket friendly and priced between 150-300 Rs. Buying these books will give many ideas given by some former civil servant officers and with that, you can also become an answer writing expert.

Now there are too many books on the market but only a few of them are useful for aspirants of civil services exam.

Let’s take a look on them one by one.

Dr Awdhesh Singh Book For Answer Writing.

Price :- 158 Rs/- With Delivery Charges

The name of the book is Mastering Essay & Answer Writing but after reading some reviews i think this book is more lean towards essay writing. However you will find find many ideas related to answer writing also.

This is one of the best books to answer writing tips for UPSC and all other civil services exams. People love this book and it is written by one of the civil servants named Dr Awdhes Singh.

This book has got the best rating on the e-commerce sites and it is very pocket friendly also. Other than you can also buy its kindle edition in 80-90 Rs if you prefer to read digital books.

This book has answer writing tips for the mains exam and also has essay writing tips which is one of the major parts in the civil services examinations.

Know the tips and tricks of all 4 general studies papers and score high marks you will get lot of ideas, tips which will make you one step ahead from others.

You can buy this book from the amazon with this link.

Other than this book there are lot of books available in the market but their content has become quiet old now so i don;t want to recommend them.

Right Time To Buy Answer Writing Books For UPSC.

Many aspirants already have too many books for the preparation of UPSC and they don’t want any other books to read. I also agree that you should not read any new or extras content other than given syllabus.

But this book only contains tips and ideas which will increase your answer and essay writing and it is also comes at the price of any NCERT book so you can buy it.

You can buy answer writing book for UPSC as soon as the prelims exam is over or you have cleared it. Buying these books 4-5 months before the mains exam will give you ideas and enhance your writing skills in the mains exams.

Materials Require for Answer writing.

Buying just books and reading it will not solve your problems about answer writing you have to implement it also. To became a good answer writer you have to present it very well.

And that will only can be done with the daily practice of answer writing. You can do daily answer writing practice in A4 sheets or you can buy the pre-made booklets from the amazon.

I have found the cheapest booklet in thr online market which is of 1000 Rupees for 6 set of 300 pages each. It is better than A4 size pages which cost between 200-250 rs for 500 pages.

Price – 1100 Rs/- Click Here To Buy From Amazon

And in the booklet, the pages are printed like UPSC exam sheets which make it easier to write the answers in it.

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