Have you just got a promotion from your school and want a college degree for higher studies. Well, today in this article I will share two ways that you can get a college degree in less fees.

college degree in less fees

Education is civil right all human beings have a right to educate themselves. But somehow not many people can get higher education easily. Either they have some personal, family, or financial problems.

I think financial problems are the major problem why people don’t get to college and get their college degrees. So let’s see how you can get a college degree in less fees?

To get a college degree in very fewer fees either. Firstly, you can join the college as a correspondence student where you have to go to college only to give exams. Secondly, you can search for an open university that almost every state has or go for a national open university. The last option would be an online course that can get your college degree.

OK, that’s the genral info abou to know the full details let’s get deep into it.

We all know that how much important to get higher studies. Without it getting a good job is nearly impossible. So people who have money can easily get a college. Also, those who all are good in studies can get a college easily by clearing any entrance exams.

But what about those people who are average in studies neither they have money nor they are good in studies to clear the exams.

The only option left with them is to get admission to college which has a distance or open education system. This is the only way that you could get your higher education.

How to find a place that provides College Degree In Less Fees.

There is only one place for you to get a collage degree that’s a approved university don’t go for the fake one’s which are not aprroved by the governmnet.

So you can get you collage degree in less fess by followig ways.


Every University has a distance education and private education facility of people who have either not completed thier eduction or they are not financially able to get it.

Other than that mostly srudents who have less marks there 12th class take admission as a private student in the collages.

There’s very little difference in private and regular degree certificate that is. The private student gets comparatively fewer marks than regular students. Because of the regular student, every day go to college and they are in touch with their studies for long.

Also, there are open universities such as IGNOU which is specially meant for open college courses.

Online Degree Programs

Online degrees are getting popularity day by day but in comparison to universities degree, they are somewhere expensive. You can go for it there is not at all any problem.

But to learn online you must need and Laptop, PC or a smartphone also don’t forget the proper internet connection. These things add up more expenses in doing online courses.

There are some popular online learning plaforms which provides graduation degree.

Checkout This article that I have written on how much data you need to study online.

These are some popular platforms where you can get an online degree. I have only mentioned only a few of them as I don’t want to confuse you with more choices.

How much money you need to pay for college degrees.

Students pay a lot of money to get their college degree as it will be not good if we compare regular education with private education.

In regular education or college, you have to attend daily classes, do projects and assignments go for seminars. Also, don’t forget the tuition fees and other facilities provided to you by your college ads up more money for you to spend.

But here I will tell you the lowest amount of money that one of my friends has done with private education.

So my mahesh has done graduation in B.sc in the local govermnet college in my district. He got low percentage in his 12th class about 54 % and as he belongs to upper catogory the cutt off marks went more the 65 %. Due to that he did’t got addmission.

The other reason was also that his family was going thru bad financial phase due to that he aslo could not get admission to a private collage.

So he thought to do graduation as a private student.

For the three years of degree programe he has only spent rupees 8000 thousand rupees. I know most universities takes more 200K rs fo per semester but it’s true. He only paid 8000Rs to for three years and got 54% in his final result.

For other things such as books and study materials is not included above so he paid for them sarapratly.

Is getting a college degree in less fees is a good option?

To be honest that completely depends on your choice whether you want to study in college or not. There are two types of students who take admission in less fees.

  • People who have financial problems and not good in studies.
  • Students who don’t want to study but they are just doing it for the sake of their family members.

People who have financial problems and specially average students tend to get their collage degrees in lees fees.

Taking abou the merits and demits of this type of degree programme is give below.


  • Except for the online degree program, the degree program in universities is better. Because anyone can take admission their and there are no rules of minimum marks. so everyone can take admission.
  • You don’t have to go to college each and every day. But For the practical exams, you will be called for a month to do some experiments as the fees for it taken separately.
  • You will give exams with other regular students on the same date. Also, the results will be announced on the same day.
  • You will get a degree certificate which is most important with this you can study further or go for getting a job. With having a degree also enables you to sit in many other recruitment exams such Civilservieces


If there something good to balance it there will be something bad as well. If getting a college degree in less fess will good then everyone will do it. Let’s see the disadvantages.

  • The people who have done a regular degree course tend to have more knowledge then the private ones as they have also paid more money.
  • Doing a cheap course will not give you the experience of what you have studied. Also, you will not remember it for a long time.
  • In some jobs, the person who got a degree with private education will not be considered rather than a person with a regular degree course will be employed. Even when his percentage is less.
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