The folding desk is mostly popular among students who live in a hostel or PG’s as it takes fewer area and that is the big reason that people buy them.

But as there are too many products in the market, buying a good folding table is very complicated. This blog post will help you guide you about the best folding study desk you need to buy.

4NM Folding Desk Review

So which the best folding desk? You can buy a 4nm folding desk, which is easily available on the online and offline market. These tables take small space to fit, and best suits students and aspirants who live in a hostel or have minimal space to study.

To know more about the 4NM Folding Desk, you can read below to get more information in this blog post.

There are two variants of the Folding Desk. One is priced at Rs 2999/- and the other is priced at Rs 3999/-.

Today I will talk about the 4NM Small Computer Desk which starts with Rs 2999/-.

Specifications Of 4NM Folding Desk.

Let’s See Some Specification of 4NM Folding Desk.

Body Material

The upper part of the body is made up of plywood and it is quite durable and the lower part is built with iron or aluminum.

There are many hinges on the desk due to which we can easily fold it. Talking about its maximum load-bearing capacity on amazon, they say it can easily hold 40-45 kg. But 15-20 Kg is recommended as per my side.


4NM Folding Desk Review

Height Of The Table – 4nm folding table has a height of 29.72″ Inches / 75.5cm.

4NM Folding Desk Review

As per an average student, the table’s height is normal, although the height totally varies on what type of chair you use. So there no more issue about you is if you study at school or college.


The total weight of this desk is 9.5 kg when you buy this from amazon. it is very portable and easily can be picked up by a single person.

Using a lightweight table can be really helpful for those students who live in a hostel or PG. As we all know most students either live in a group in a single room which brings a shortage of space in the room so having a foldable desk will fulfill all your requirements for studying.

Can 4nm Desk Be Used As PC Table?

4nm desk is great for using as a laptop or desktop table but would like you to use it as a laptop table rather than using this a desktop table because as this desk is very compact, it will be tough to keep your CPU as if you do that hardly any space is left.

4NM Folding Desk Review

Color Options Available In 4NM Table

Most of the furniture comes in a single color, but there are 5 multiple colors that you can choose.

However there is a problem when you go for choosing other than black desk. Because out 6 colors only 2 desk comes under Rs 2999/- and other desk goes on the higher price point. To he you out i have made table below so that you can understand easily.

BlackRs 2999/-
GaryRs 2999/-
NaturalRs 3999/-
RedRs 3599/-
Prices of 4NM Table in Amazon

4NM Folding Desk Review

Overall Conclusion

This is my personal opinion. Some of you may agree with me, and some may not. As the 4NM Folding desk is very compact, you should only consider this if your room or the place you study room is small.

Otherwise, if you have ample space in your room you can buy another study table and desk which have better features than this.

However, I did not find any other desk better than this on the online market. So If you are looking for buying any table or desk which can be folded and lightweight 4NM is best for you the rest is your decision.

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