If you read this post an hour before an exam or maybe the day before the exam, you may be confused about what you should do?

things to do an hour before exam

Here in this post, you will learn about some of the essential things that students and exam aspirants should follow to give their best in the exam.

So read this post carefully to help yourself.

1. Relax do meditation.(source)

I am doing meditation an hour before the exam can help students in many ways. The most common effect you will see is it decreases blood pressure and increase thinking ability.

Meditation also reduces stress and increases memory power, so if you do it an hour before the exam, it will bring great results for you in the exam.

10-15 minutes of meditation will be enough for you. Watch the below video to know how you can meditate.

2. Take a small walk.

Walking before the exam or any complete stress event can reduce anxiety. Just take a walk for 10-15 minutes, and your stress level will go down.

If possible, find a garden or peaceful environment and then start walking avoid busy streets and roads because it will create disturbance rather than bringing peace.

3. Don’t study anything.

It would help if you did not read anything new or revise an hour before any exam. This mistake is made by most people who take books or notes to the exam center and try to learn everything quickly.

But if you do, this will not only create tension in your mind but make you hyper if you see a topic you don’t know or have little information.

4. Check your important document.

Before visiting the exam center check your essential document such as:

  • Admit card.
  • Hall ticket.
  • Id proof.
  • Driving licenece if you are going by a vehicle as most student forget it.

5. Reach exam center before time.

If you live in any remote area or even close to the exam center, reach at least 30 -45 minutes before the exam starts on the first day.

Because if there are too many candidates in one particular exam center, you may need some time to search for your seats and rooms. Also, you need to check the place if there are some problems in your place.

6. Get a water bottle.

Drinking water before and during exams can help increase the energy level of the brain. Yes, this is scientifically proven.

It also lowers blood pressure levels which results in calming you down if you are stressed during exams.

7. Check your stationery items.

In some exams, students are not allowed to bring compass boxes, and geometry boxes as these items can be used for cheating purposes by the students by hiding the cheats in the secret compartment.

So due to that, students need to carry their materials either in hand or in their pockets. But you can use transparent zipper pouches as they are allowed.

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8. Check your roll number.

Checking roll numbers is an essential part not on where you will sit but on the documents.

Inboard and competitive exams examiners ask 2-3 times to check your roll number and other important things do not neglect it as it may turn out to be a big mistake.

9. See you seating place.

On the first day of your exam, try to reach the center at least 45 minutes before the exam. As on the first everyone would be looking at their seating places so it is better to arrive on time.

Also, this will help you to figure out the problems, and you may also complain about any problem you face with the seating arrangement.

10. Fill out details carefully.

In every exam, you will notice examiner will first provide you with the answer sheets. The reason behind this is that you can fill up all the essential details in that particular sheet.

But most people make mistakes mostly while filling OMR sheets, so to avoid errors, you can take the help of an examiner if you are giving an exam for the first time.

12. Analyze the question paper deeply.

This is the last moment before your exam starts and yet the most important one. Once you get the question paper, make sure to read it thoroughly at least two times so that you can figure out which questions to attempt first and which one to leave.

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