Are you searching for the best school shoes for yourself or your kids!

There are multiple brands in the market, and due to this, we get confused about which shoe brand to choose.

So to help you out, I made a list of the 10 best school shoes brands that have been manufacturing shoes for years and providing good quality shoes for customers.

To make this list, I went to amazon and some shoe selling sites, saw many reviews about school shoes, and mentioned my favorite brands that I used when I was in school.

So what are the best School Shoes Brands?


Bata is an international shoe brand that belongs to country Czech Republic. This shoe company has got huge success in India. Some people think that this is an Indian brand, but it’s not. This company makes high durable footwear.

Bata shoes for school students

If you are thinking of buying shoes from this brand, go ahead as this is listed on the top. The shoes are highly durable as well as comfortable and good for daily use for school-going students.

If you are thinking of buying this brand’s shoes, then go ahead.

Price range:500 – 1200 INR

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Campus footwear is an Indian brand and manufactures more footwear than any other brand in India. It is popular because of its affordable price, starting with minimum rupees of 50 INR. They have a good market cap in school shoes as well.

Best School Shoes Brands, Campus Shoes

So you can consider buying campus shoes if you or any kids in your house go to school.

Price Range:400 – 1000 INR

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Action shoes are trendy as this was the only shoe company back in 10-15 years that use to promote their shoes on Tv. They got a huge audience by placing advertisements on Tv and most commonly during kids tv shows.

Best School Shoes Brands, Action Shoes

Other than action shoes, they have the great build quality and are long-lasting. You can buy action shoes easily from any eCommerce store or local store near you.

Price Range:500 – 1000 INR

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Sparx is an Indian brand known for manufacturing sports footwear, but this brand also produces school shoes. Compared to other shoes, most local shops don’t sell Sparx school shoes, but you can easily get them from online stores.

The good thing about this brand is that it makes stylish and modern, similar to bigger brands such as Nike and Adidas.

Price range: 300 – 900 INR

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Paragon footwear is one of the biggest brands in India. Almost 3 out of 5 people wear this brand’s products. Famous products like sandals, chappals, and sleepers and famous because of their durability and low price.

You can also buy school shoes of paragon they are of good quality, and the price point is also shallow. You can easily get the shoes from a local market or online from an Amazon store.

Price Range: 300 -900 INR

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Kadim shoes are liked by people for their durable qualities outdoors with a satisfactory price point. You can choose many articles to buy from this brand.

The school shoes are elegant design as you see in the image. They are straightforward to wear and comfortable for small students.

Price Range: 500 – 1000 INR

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Liberty shoes are one of the best-selling shoes in online stores. However, some people won’t know about this brand, but this company really makes good shoes.

Compared to other shoes here, it is my personal favorite because it looks perfect and the soles of the shoes are soft and wearing for the full day won’t create any problems.

Price Range: 400 – 800 INR

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Lakhani is a well-known brand in India. However, I have not purchased many shoes of this brand, but you can check them online.

Lakhani school shoes are very affordable and last a year or more. The company manufactures other types of school shoes as well that you can easily get from amazon.

Price Range: 200 -800 INR

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Asian is an Indian brand that started in the year 1994. It is known for manufacturing budget-friendly friendly sports, and daily use footwear products.

Taking about its school shoes they are very comfortable and can easily be found in the local market.

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Reebok is a world-famous shoe brand. It is a subsidiary brand to Adidas, and you won’t find any other shoes like this brand.

However, you won’t find reebok school shoes that much in the market because they only manufacture running shoes used for mostly sports events. But you daily wear then if your school allows.

Buy Reebok Shoes From Amazon

What is the price of school shoes?

Other than these brands, if you want to buy shoes from a nearby market, you can get the shoes

The average price of school shoes for kids ranges between 300 – 800 INR. The price of the school depends on many things such as the quality of shoes, brand name, type, etc.

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